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February 14, 2003

Guilt By Association
The anti-American sentiment in Germany, Belgium and France is driven by anti-Semitism. Robert Sobhani, Georgetown University, tells how the images broadcast to the people in France are overwhelmingly pro-Palestinian. The French hatred for Jews is well documented (and Germany is, well, German.)

The anti-semitism in France and the opposition to America also serves the purposes of the government in keeping the huge Muslim comminity in that country happy and quiet.

Just why it is that the French and other Western Europeans hate the Jews is a matter for deeper investigation. But the practical result of that bigotry is that we are then guilty by association - American solidarity with Israel fuels the opposition to what America does in its own self-defense, in both the Arab worlds and in Western Europe (and among many, mostly liberals, in our own country).

From the Tocquevillian.

Gleeful Extremist points out that the French are extremely antisemitic as well as weak, arrogant, gutless, ungrateful and unreliable. France was after all the land of the Dreyfus case just a little over 100 years ago. Even when the true culprit for the crime attributed to Dreyfus had been found, half of France still wanted the Jewish Captain Dreyfus to stay in prison!

From Wicked Thoughts