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February 05, 2003

Guardian article requiring a response

Article from the Guardian how snide can you be? My letter to the editor follows.
To the Editor

The snide article datelined February 3 by Chris McGreal refers to Israel as a "Democratic nation standing firm with the US against the barbarians".

HOW TRUE. ALL the despotic dictatorial Muslim Arab states in one or another way support terrorism. The ONLY sane Western country in the Middle East is Israel, and the sooner You Europeans realise that the less chance of you being taken over by Islam there will be. At present, Islam is successfully infiltrating ALL your countries. Soon they will attack in the most brutal and inhuman way possible (much like Hitler only far worse). Saddam and Arafat have already proved that. Remember - the Jews always were the canaries in the mine!! You will then all regret your antisemitism and the warnings you were repeatedly given.

Thank God Ramon DID bomb the reactor. A pity they did not also blow Saddam to the devil where he belongs. Of course Ramon is a hero. Thank God for the only state in the world with some guts to stand up to the Muslim murdering terrorist beasts - the USA. Tony Blair at least is prepared to support the USA - he may not be such a bad bloke after all. Australia, from where I write, of course has by far the most guts of all the countries supporting the USA - on the opposite hemisphere and with the largest Muslim nation on earth breathing down our necks. We are also very small (pop. 19 million).

Needless to say Israel also virtually on her own has faced down 250 million of the barbarians for far too long


THE 1930'S ARE HERE AGAIN BUT THIS TIME YOU MAY WELL NOT WIN!!!!! May God have mercy on your souls.

Dr David Bornstein