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February 02, 2003

French Jewish leader stirs anger with talk of anti-Semitic alliance

This piece, found via Martin Kimel's site published at JTA Global Network indicates the anti-Jewish sentiments by some political figures and parties in France.
PARIS, Jan. 30 (JTA) — The annual dinner hosted by French Jewish leaders is generally a friendly affair.
That was the way it went this year — at least at the start of the Jan. 25 dinner sponsored by CRIF, the umbrella organization for secular Jewish institutions in France.

French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Rafarrin and leaders from across the political spectrum were enjoying last week what has traditionally been one of the more agreeable consensual events of the calendar.

But then CRIF President Roger Cukierman spoke about a new alliance threatening France’s 500,000 Jews, linking neo-Nazis, environmentalists and left-wing groups.

Speaking of a “brown-green-red alliance,” Cukierman warned of the danger faced by Jews from the alliance, which he described as “anti-globalization, anti-capitalist, anti-American and anti-Zionist.”

Moreover, when he referred to — though did not mention by name — the spokesperson for France’s peasant farmers and international anti-globalization activist José Bové as being a leading light in such an alliance, the national secretary of the Green Party, Gilles Lemaire, promptly stood up from his table and left the dinner. [more]