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February 28, 2003

Forbes- Arafat 6th Richest Despot

Saddam is number 4 with 2 billion, Forbes says Arafat has 300 million. Personally I think these numbers are way under done, it is not like these guys fill out financial statements.

"Arafat placed No. 6 on a list of world leaders in the "kings, queens, and despots" category. Saudi Arabia's King Fahd topped the list at $20 billion, and Saddam Hussein was fourth with $2b.

Forbes wrote that Arafat has "feasted on all sorts of funds flowing into the PA, including aid money, Israeli tax transfers, and revenue from a casino and Coca-Cola bottler. Much of the money appears to have gone to pay off others. New Finance Minister Salaam Fayad is cleaning up the PA's finances, cutting off much of Arafat's cash flow." " Link