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February 25, 2003

For the War

American Kaiser offers up this wonderful pro-war position from the prominent French-Jewish lawyer Arno Klarsfeld, who is active in Nazi-hunting circles."It [the article] appeared in a major French newspaper, I'm told. I can't find it online, but have taken the liberty of providing a quick translation from French to English. The article was well-written, but those sort of nuances don't usually survive the butchering of an unprofessional and hurried translation." [quote from Justin Weitz, American Kaiser
I am for the war against Iraq because it was taught to me in high school that, if France had stopped Hitler in 1936 from remilitarizing the Rhineland, there would not have been a Second World War.

I am for the war against Iraq because I was also taught that Edouard Daladier, returning from Paris, where he had humiliated France in signing the peace agreement which sacrificed Czechoslovakia and seeing the praise showered upon him by the Parisian press, having whispered to the Secretary-General of the Quai d'Orsay (French Foreign Ministry): "What idiots!"

I am for the war against Iraq because, if Sadaam Hussein laid out the nuclear arms which he is using all his means to acquire, he would send them at once onto Tel Aviv in order to destroy the State of Israel and would give them to terrorists to explode in New York.

I am for the war against Iraq because it is in the vital interest of democracies to impose democracy on the Arab world by force, just as the Allies succeeded in doing so in Germany and Japan.

I am for the war against Iraq because peace between the Israelis and Palestinians will be unable to emerge without a total victory against terrorism and the start of democracy in the Arab world.

I am for the war against Iraq because the aggressive and expansionist dictators like Sadaam Hussein solve their external conflicts as they do their internal conflicts: with violence. Between them and the democracies there can be not be a true agreement.

I am for the war against Iraq because it will have to be the responsibility of France, a nation that did not fall in the First World War, did not become Nazi, was in the camp of the victors at the end of the Second World War and was not subjugated by Soviet imperialism.

I am for the war against Iraq in the name of the rights of man, because Sadaam Hussein is also the butcher of his people and of the Kurdish people and because he has put in place a police terror state that cannot be removed with a popular revolt or a putsch, but only with an exceptional situation--war.