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February 02, 2003

Elections '03: The power of Mitzna - Something to think about

Got this today from a good buddy. There are very deep underlying questions about the nature of democracy and its role in Israeli society. Agree with him or not, but this "on the ground" view makes me super proud of my country and my people:
Israeli elections are over. Now it is up to Ariel Sharon to form a new government. At present Israel's Labor Party has said that it will not join a government led by Sharon and the Likud Party.

If the Labor Party chooses not to join the government, Sharon will be forced to create a coalition that will be made up of extreme right wing and religious parties. The consequence of such a coalition will be nothing less than catastrophic both to Israel's economy, its future security and stability, not to mention what is left of the peace process. Such a government would face possible international isolation, will bury Israel deeper in the Palestinian quagmire, and will not be able to handle the tough economic issues that are pressing the Jewish State at present.

Critical decisions will need to be made in the upcoming months. Nothing less than the future of the State of Israel is at hand. The Israeli public has made it absolutely clear that they want a unity government with both the Likud and the Labor Parties. Only with a centrist unity government with Sharon at the helm, and with Labor at his side, will Israel be able to effectively tackle the challenges it faces. War is looming in the Middle East, and it is our elected leaders' responsibility to create a stable government, which truly represents the Israeli public sentiment.

This letter is a plea to Israel's Labor Party to set personal issues and egos aside, and to do what the people of Israel need Labor to do. If Labor does not join a unity government, a highly unstable extreme right coalition will be formed. The vast majority of the Israeli public DO NOT WANT THIS. Therefore, we urge labor to do what is best for the country. Help protect Israel from the hands of extremists. Help lead Israel towards a brighter and stronger future, one that so many others and I know is possible, together with Likud.

If you care about the future of Israel, its stability, the peace process, and Israel's place in the international community, then I urge you to forward this letter on to as many people who you think care as much as we do. This can make a difference. Even if you do not live in Israel, but care about her future, let your voice be heard.

Please forward this letter, or write your own one, to the Labor Party, headed by Mitzna at:

Thank You.