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February 16, 2003

Don’t worry; we’re going to War. (Ted Belman)

Better still, we are at War.

It seems that opposition in the Security Council is strengthening no matter what the facts are and no matter what the terms of Res. 1441 are. France and Germany appear adamant in their opposition to war no matter what and keep pleading for more time for inspections. They do so at the risk of damaging both the UN and NATO.

People are marching in protest all over the world in numbers ranging into the millions. City after city in America is passing resolutions against the war, at least not without the UN authority, and protest marches have taken place in 160 cities.

These protesters aren’t your average run of the mill citizen nor did they come together spontaneously. By and large they come from the extreme Left and are anti-American to begin with. They include anti-globalizationists, unionists and greens. The monies to fund the organization of the protests come from the Arab world and from communist world, which includes Marxists, Trotskyites, and socialists etc.

The liberal media call these protests “anti-war protests”. This is surely a misnomer. First and foremost they are anti-American protests. The same protesters show up in all protests against the US and do not care about protesting wars anywhere else. Other causes are grafted onto the anti-war rhetoric including the creation of a Palestinian state and the vilifying of Israel.

It doesn’t matter to the protesters that the Iraqi people are oppressed and would appreciate liberation. It doesn’t matter that it is America that is under attack all over the world and the lives of its citizens are at risk and have been taken. It doesn’t matter that they are defending a brutal dictator or anything else that might get in the way of their anti-Americanism.

So what is going to happen? Is America going to back down in the face of these marches and the opposition of the UN? Hardly.

For those of you who have been sleeping for the last 20 years, the war against America started with the Iranian Revolution and the seizing of the American Embassy. Since then the revolution has spread throughout the Muslim world with the Islamization of their societies. These forces have made common cause with the secular Arabs in their anti-Americanism. So we see an unholy alliance between Iraq, Fatah and Syria and their fellow travellers with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Hamas and theirs..

Throughout these years there have been many attacks against American interests including bombing the military barracks in Lebanon, two embassies in Africa, the military bases in Saudi Arabia and the USS Cole. These attacks culminated in the atrocity of 9/11.

Whether America likes it or not or will acknowledge it or not, a war has been declared against it. Prior to 9/11, America did no more then lobbing a few missiles in protest preferring to absorb the blow rather than make matters worse by really trying to do something about it. After 9/11, America declared war on terror. Though not yet willing to identify the enemy Bush did say that, in this war on terror, nations would have to declare themselves as “with us or against us”. Therefore all regimes that aid or abet terror will share the fate of the terrorists. Afghanistan came first and now its Iraq’s turn.

What is happening in the Security Council is a sideshow. What is happening in the marches is street theatre. What is happening in the arms build up and in the counter moves by America and its allies and by Iraq and its allies including the organized terrorists and their patrons is the reality.

Positioning 150,000 troops on the borders of Iraq is an act of war. Firing at their air defences is an act of war. Entering Iraqi territory in search of launch pads is an act of war. All that remains is for the main attack to begin.

There are reputable reports that Iraq has transported WMD to Syria and northern Lebanon for use should America attack. Al Queda has recently announced that they will execute a major attack on American forces in the ME. Accept it, the war has begun.

America cannot afford to back down now. Too much is at stake.

In no particular order,

1. American credibility is at stake. The threat of force must be credible for it to be a deterrence. To be credible, it must be exercised from time to time. American cannot afford to be seen as a paper tiger.
2. After the Gulf War America decided not to finish the job and in the process of withdrawing left their allies, the Kurds and Shiites vulnerable to reprisals by Hussein. America suffered greatly as a result because potential allies were wary of American commitments. Currently Kuwait and Persian Gulf states have clearly aligned themselves with America and America cannot afford to expose them by withdrawing. They are committed and so must America be.
3. A retreat now would be a license for our enemies to increase their attacks.
4. A retreat now would undermine any credibility we would have in dealing with N. Korea. If we stand down in the face of Iraq, surely we would stand down in the face of N. Korea.
5. A retreat now would make it impossible for America to have its way with Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Egypt also would suffer because of its embrace of America and would be exposed because America would look weak.
6. The war on terror would suffer a severe blow because all the regimes that support terror would continue to do so, fearing no reprisals.
7. WMD are being supplied to the terrorists and we can’t afford to ignore it.

Conversely, for America to defeat and occupy Iraq in the face of the UN and World opposition would give a clear message to one and all, America is a power to reckon with. American forces would remain stationed in Iraq for at least a decade. Garrisons in Germany and Saudi Arabia would be removed. With such a presence in Iraq, bordering on Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan and Turkey, America would be in a position of great power and influence.

In all probability, the next showdown would be in Lebanon. Hezbollah would be destroyed and Syria and Iran would have to decide if they would continue to support them in the face of the American ultimatum or pull the plug on them. My guess is that Syria will go the path of Egypt, Jordan and Iraq in feeding at the trough of American largesse. After all, they would be the last Baathist regime standing and there would be no reason to continue resisting. The domino effect would continue in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

As I said, America is at war and for good reason and for good cause.