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February 04, 2003

Don't fence me in.

Fence them in

Steven Plaut argues that "The Separation Fence should be scrapped for an alternative plan: the Separation Cage." and concludes "As I say, even the Cage is no real substitute for DeNazification. But it is a heck of a lot better than the Separation Fence."

The Separation Fence and the Separation Cage are in some ways similar ideas - setting up high-tech electronic barriers to keep the savages from murdering Jews. The difference is that the Separation Fence is a way to fence in Israel, whereas the Separation Cage would be a way to fence in the Palestinians. The Separation Cage would be a series of fences erected around Palestinian towns and villages, to keep them inside. The rest of the territories would be unfenced. Like the Gene Autry cowboy song, "DonĀ“t Fence Me In."

A Separation Fence sends the signal that Israel is putting itself under siege. A Separation Cage sends the signal that the savages are under siege. A Separation Fence is a clear signal of the willingness to see the PLO have its own state. A Separation Cage sends the opposite signal. A Separation Fence punishes the Jews. A Separation Cage punishes the Palestinian Nazis. A Separation Fence creates a Jewish ghetto. A Separation Cage creates Palestinian ghettoes. A Separation Cage is cheaper and shorter and faster to build.