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February 19, 2003

Deja Vu and then some

Dilacerator has a blog in which they translate a Czech op-ed piece on the Warsaw Pact's Legacy. In essence the Op-Ed piece makes the point that the Warsaw Pact used a coalition of forces in the West to undermine American resistence to the advance of Communism and that this same coalition of forces are now being mobilized by Old Europe to undermine America. They are all useful idiots for any dictator or foe of America.
The old rulers of the Kremlin could not have dreamed in their wildest dreams that a decade after the fall of the Warsaw Pact, that in France and in a unified Germany the anti-American, "anti-imperialist" "fight for peace" would be carried out not by communists, but by civil governments, who moreover would be cooperating on the basis of the ideology of European cooperation. Sure, at the moment this is all just the preparation for a Cold War, nevertheless it is in this spirit that the anti-American cooperation is taking place in the "Old Europe." And in this contest with the reviving Warsaw Pact both NATO and the EU might fall apart.

Comparing the situation of the Iraqi crisis with the Cold War is not an exaggeration. In many respects the approaches by France and Germany are completely different from the Kremlin's "fight for peace," but in a way the current peace movement has actually gone beyond that. The aggressive anti-American pacifism reaches all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and threatens to break apart the West into mutually inimical European and American parts. It amounts to the utopian idea that the best way to get along with totalitarian regimes is by appeasing them. This is supported by influential media and prominent circles of the intellectual elite, who really should mainly be reflecting the events of the Cold War. To destroy the unity of the West - could the Cold War strategists in Moscow imagine anything more beautiful?