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February 02, 2003

Columbia University's anti Israel film festival: another sad anti-Semitism campus.

For a time it seemed that only Edward Said was a problem at Columbia with his accustations against Israel. At least he published in media external to the school itself. Now, though, ME Studies programs seem rife with pro-Palestinian propaganda, as indicated in the film festival recently held at this prestigious school and the letter sent to the school administration from Gabrielle Goldwater.
In a city focused primarily on material matters, Columbia University always has been an oasis for higher pursuits.

We are particularly disturbed to learn about the anti-Israel film festival that the Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures hosted last week.

While reserving judgment until after the festival, I am now convinced that the outcome will only prove to further exacerbate the mistrust and ill feeling among the people of the Middle East and the Israeli/Palestinian groups on campus.

Out of the 34 featured films, none promoted peaceful coexistence.

In fact, the poster of the event seems to say it all, with the entire map of Israel covered in blood red with the words, "A Palestinian Film Festival, Dreams of a Nation" boldly inscribed on top of it (implying that this festival's unabashed goal was to promote the destruction of the entire state of Israel and replace it with a Palestinian one).

Films such as "Haifa," "Chronicle of a disappearance," and "Blanche's Homeland," which oppose Israel's existence and call for Arab migration to "Zionist controlled territory," clearly substantiate this belief.

This is not the first time the Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, under the guidance of Professor Hamid Dabashi, has been accused of supporting the destruction of a democratic ally to the United States.... [more] see, too, on this issue: