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February 03, 2003

Britain on the Brink (Ted Belman)

They're getting the message

This is a great article to show just how big and incendiary the problem is in Britain. Notice also that the extreme right is arguing for repatriation. Hmmm. Sounds better than transfer. Maybe Israel should use it.
But last week David Blunkett, Britain’s Home Secretary, warned that society is “like a coiled spring” where the tensions and frustrations could spill over into “the disintegration of community relations and social cohesion,” with such widespread vigilantism that Britain could “tip into a situation we could not control.”

He made the statement the same day that the far-right British National Party, which wants to repatriate ethnic minorities from Britain to their land of ethnic origin, won a local by-election, beating the government’s Labour party into second place. The BNP now has five local seats across Britain, up from zero this time last year, the highest position it has ever held in a country normally very wary of fascism.

Just in case people felt they shouldn’t get angry about what the Daily Mail newspaper described as a “slow motion invasion,” Britain’s best selling newspaper, the Sun, told its 4 million readers to “read this and get angry.”

The turning point was the murder of a policeman. More
Canada and the US, take note.