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February 20, 2003


Will you help me send a message to the governments and people of France, Germany, and Belgium? I'm sure you are as angry as I am at the reaction of these "allies" to our call for enforcement of the United Nations resolution for Iraq to disarm.

It appears that the French, Germans and Belgians have forgotten the blood Americans spilled to liberate them from the murderous Nazi regime

The've forgotten economic burden America shouldered to rebuild their continent following that war and the steadfast defense, again at great economic cost, we provided to fend off and eventually defeat another barbarous oppressor, the Soviet Union.

Now we are facing down another regime headed by another madman! And despite all of the evidence Secretary of State Colin Powell laid out proving
Saddam Hussein's defiance of the United Nations and the threat he represents to the civilized world, the French, Germans, and Belgians have abandoned us!
They have forsaken us at a critical time, and have chosen to appease the maniacal Saddam Hussein!

You and I must take action now to let them know -- from their leadership to their business owners -- that we will not be taken for granted! Join me now and let's strike back! Take this important step with me today!

  • Click here to sign the linked e-petition -- NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT OF "OLD" EUROPE GOODS! Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld rightly referred to France and Germany as "the old Europe." While the newly democratized countries of Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary have rallied to our side, "old Europe" has turned its back on us.

    A boycott of French, German and Belgian goods -- wines, beers, chocolates, art, automobiles, to name just a few -- will strike a blow to their economies! America is the largest importer of French and German consumables, and more Americans visit Paris and Berlin than visitors from any other nation.

Our boycott will continue until these countries reverse their
positions and support the United States' effort to disarm Saddam Hussein and end his horrific rule over Iraq.

Our goal is to deliver 500,000 signed petitions to the Ambassadors of the three countries ten days from now -- on March 3. It's time to make our voice heard in Europe! Please click here to sign our NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT OF "OLD" EUROPE GOODS now and let these "allies" know we will not be taken for granted! Thank you and God bless America!

David Horowitz