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February 14, 2003

Belgium: THE HOME TO SOME 600,000 PALESTINIANS .......Home to Arab appeasement

A sharp look at Belgium and its history at goldwater.mideastreality It is not pretty. That country is hardly in a position to ignore Arafat, et al and pick on Israel. Might think they would be smart enough to bury their heads, if not from shame at least from the spotlight
The small Belgian Jewish population of 40,000 has relatively little political clout; the number of those calling themselves Palestinians in Belgium is 600,000.

Yoel Rubenfeld, the director of the Belgium-based Belgium-Israel friendship association, said this morning, "This unfortunately shows that there's no justice when it comes to Israel".

There's Arafat, and Saddam, and Pinochet, and many others who could be tried under the special Belgian law - yet they're only going after Sharon.

"The thought that a nation that stood by and watched when Jewish blood was spilt like water and ignored victims' cries, is now elevating itself to the position of world policeman - is outrageous in the extreme."

Belgium the BULLY and advocate of SLAVERY in their darkest past, has missed that their judgment isn't that of a nation, that can possibly rightfully judge others. [more]