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February 14, 2003

Belgian Lawlessness

Nice piece in NRO that tells the Belgium "justice" system what is what.
[...] Well, if Belgium is to be a "judge of history," let it begin at home. While it is unlikely that anyone who was involved in the genocidal exploitation of the Congo Free State by the Belgian monarch is still alive, the fact is that the Congo remained an oppressed Belgian colony until 1960. In another Belgian colony, Rwanda, Hutu resistance in the first half of the 1900s was brutally suppressed by the ruling Tutsis, under the watchful eye of the Belgian authorities. Then, in the 1950s, when a rebellion of Hutu agricultural laborers broke out, the Belgian colonialists encouraged a new campaign of incitement against the Tutsis, to divert attention from themselves. Meanwhile, back home, during World War II, Belgian collaborationist authorities deported 35,000 Jews — fully half of the Belgian Jewish population at the time — to German gas chambers.

Is it really any surprise that Belgium had no qualms about helping France and Germany block plans for NATO to protect member-state Turkey from Saddam Hussein's Iraq?

While Belgium may see itself as the "judge of history," history won't likely be kind to Belgium — even if there is no court to which Belgium's victims can appeal. [more]