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February 27, 2003

BBC Bias

I was reading what I thought would be an interesting article about a set of ancient batteries uncovered in Iraq back in the 1930's. Having Majored in Archaeology (as well as Near Eastern Studies) I do worry that constant upheaval in the region will destroy much of humanities heritage. But given the choice of saving artifacts or the lives of living Iraqis oppressed today, I choose the living. But of course being the BBC they had to add a particularly nasty little slant
In the early 1900s, many European archaeologists were excavating ancient Mesopotamian sites, looking for evidence of Biblical tales like the Tree of Knowledge and Noah's flood.

Konig did not waste his time finding alternative explanations for his discovery. To him, it had to have been a battery.

Though this was hard to explain, and did not sit comfortably with the religious ideology of the time, he published his conclusions. But soon the world was at war, and his discovery was forgotten.
Don't you love it? He didn't waste any of his time with any of that silly Biblical stuff! Nevermind that Biblical Archaelogy is one of the oldest, most respected and deepest rooted studies in the field. Or do you suppose it bothers BBC that most Biblical Archaeology is centered in ohhhh...Israel...and is a field heavily populated with Jews and Israelis?