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February 26, 2003

The "ayes" have it

Blair gets support of the House of Commons

The Guardian reports
After seven hours of debate - and a specific plea from the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, that a vote for the motion not be considered as a vote for war - the size of the rebellion drew gasps from MPs within the chamber.

The official government motion - written as neutrally as possible to maximise support for the prime minister - backed Mr Blair's "continuing efforts in the UN to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction".

That was carried by 434 votes to 124. Later analysis of the division lists showed that 59 Labour MPs voted against the government's main motion calling on Iraq to recognise its "final opportunity to comply" with its disarmament obligations. MORE

Yet the Guardian entitles the item Labour MPs revolt over Iraq;ยท Biggest revolt of Blair's premiership - 122 MPs break Labour whip.