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February 22, 2003

Are Jewish NeoCons Putting the Interests of Israel Before Those of the U.S.?

I find I never go wrong by going to Martin Kimel's blog where I find pieces like this
Are Jewish NeoCons Putting the Interests of Israel Before Those of the U.S.?
I think this is a ludicrous charge and I agree with Lawrence Kasdan's op-ed (see my 2/18 post, below). The NYT provides a nice new piece of anecdotal evidence that the Islamist terrorists Israel is fighting aren't all that different from the Islamic terrorists we're fighting: "The liquid crystal display on the phone of a bearded representative of Hamas showed a picture of Osama bin Laden beside an image of the Twin Towers."

The reporter in this piece also does something that I find done too seldom -- that is, he doesn't take Palestinian extremist terminology at face value:

They were all in their 20's, an age that might lead such a group to talk about soccer or romance. But as Israeli forces once again scoured the casbah for militants, representatives of the "military wings" of several main Palestinian factions relaxed on overstuffed sofas in a living room elsewhere in the city to talk strategy, politics and death.

The quotation marks around "military wings" are well deserved. People who send suicide bombers to blow up civilians are terrorists, not soldiers. Contrast the Times' example here with those discussed in the next item .
And by all means at this link read the piece that follows
[...]Israel, that even ceding the entire West Bank (including all of Jerusalem!) and all of Gaza would not placate it. But just two paragraphs later, Ward writes this:

Islamic Jihad is one of four main Palestinian militant groups that have used suicide bombers and other violent attacks against Israeli citizens, troops and settlers during the 29-month uprising against Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The other groups are the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas; the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (emphasis added).

But the article just said that Islamic Jihad is not reacting to the Israeli presence on the West Bank and Gaza Strip; it is acting against the very existence of the State of Israel. Is anyone at the Post's international news desk actually reading their reporters' copy before the paper publishes it? [more]