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February 19, 2003

Arafat must be treated like Saddam (Ted Belman)

Netanyahu's speech, so titled, is reported in the JPost
In order for the US to win its war on terrorism, the same standard Saddam Hussein is being held to must be used to remove Yasser Arafat, Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday.

Speaking in Jerusalem to a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Netanyahu said Israel's guiding principle, and the principle guiding the US in its campaign against Iraq, is "no tolerance for terror and no tolerance for regimes that spawn terror."

Netanyahu said Israel must fight against the notion that conflict is what gives birth to terrorism, since there are many conflicts in the world that are terror-free. Rather, he said, "Total dictatorial regimes that brainwash their children are what spawns terror."

"And if you want to stop terrorism," he said, "you have to take out those regimes and defeat this ideology."
A few weeks ago I made the same points and more in an article entitled What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander
Within weeks the US will lead a coalition of the willing to conquer Iraq. This is being done for any or all of the following reasons
To topple an oppressive regime
To enforce UNSC mandatory resolutions
To destroy all Iraqi WMD
To liberate Iraqis
To prosecute the war on terror
To democratize the ME
To defeat Islamism
Each of these reasons is reason enough.

Now I ask you? Shouldn’t Israel conquer the territories yet again? The reasons for doing so are similar.

The PA is an oppressive regime. It is in league with various other terrorist groups that not only terrorize Israelis but also the Palestinians living in the territories.

To enforce the Oslo Accords and other commitments of the PA and Arafat which were to negotiate all issues and to not resort to violence and to end incitement.

While the Palestinians probably don’t have WMD, they certainly have smuggled in or built far more weapons than they agreed to have under the Oslo Accords. And they are using these weapons daily on Israelis. These weapons must be decommissioned.

The Palestinian people are the ones who suffer, even more than the Iraqis, as a result of the Oslo War that the PA started. Aren’t they entitled to liberation?

There are more terrorists per square mile in the territories than anywhere else in the world. Also Arafat is the father of modern terrorism taking it to new levels of mass participation. They must be defeated as part of the worldwide war on terror.

They need to be occupied, as the Iraqis need to be occupied, in order to introduce democracy and the rule of law. They also must be detoxified from the last decade of incitement to violence and hatred.

The similarities are astounding. Why is it that everyone understands that the only way to deal with Iraq is to defeat it and take charge of its disarmament and democratization yet they are not willing to let Israel do the same thing? Why is it that the world argues that the Palestinians will do it yet the Iraqis have to be forced to do it?

I submit that progress will only be made when Israel completely defeats all terrorist groups in the territories, and either kills them or deports them. Then Israel can proceed to rehabilitate the society in all respects.