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February 04, 2003

Arafat Forces Palestinians to Leave Homes

The Jerusalem Post reports:
Force 17, Yasser Arafat’s Presidential Guard, has forced 55 Palestinian families out of their homes in the Gaza Strip under the pretext that they are sitting on land whose ownership is at the center of a legal dispute between two wealthy businessmen.

The families, who say they possess documents proving their ownership over the land, received permission from the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Housing to build 55 housing units in the Sudaniyeh area, northwest of Gaza City.

But just as the first group of families completed building their homes, a businessman from Gaza City filed a case in a local court, claiming that the land belongs to him. The plaintiff, who has good ties with the Palestinian security forces, decided to use his influence and contacts ahead of a court ruling.
Yet more undeniable evidence of PA corruption. And, of course, there's an obvious dichotomy: when Israel destoys the homes of Hamas murderers and terrorists, they get blasted by human rights organizations. And yet, Arafat has a free pass to wreak the lives of the people he's supposed to be governing. The article indicates that there's growing unrest within Gaza; one wonders how much longer the Palestinians are going to put up with the PA.