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February 27, 2003

Anti-Semitism Has Returned: What To Do About It

Europe not the only place in the world with growing anti-semitism. Winds of Change blogs this for Feb. 23.
David Brooks, a senior editor for the Weekly Standard, has a very depressing article/op-ed on the return of socially acceptable anti-Semitism into national society from the American Left.

From the article:

Not long ago I was chatting with a prominent Washington figure in a green room. "You people have infested everywhere," he said in what I thought was a clumsy but good-hearted manner. He listed a few of "us": "Wolfowitz, Feith, Frum, Perle." I've never met Doug Feith in my life and Wolfowitz and Perle I've barely met. Yet he assumed we were tight as thieves. After a few minutes of jibing I finally pointed out that there were many non-Jews who support the president's policy against Iraq. I mentioned Bob Kerry. "He's a shabbas goy. He's got a lot of Jewish money supporting that school" he shot back. Shabbas goys are Christians who perform tasks for observant Jews on Saturdays.

I am the last person who used to suspect people of anti-Semitism. I was never really conscious of it affecting my life until the last few weeks. But now I wonder. I watched a town meeting in northern Virginia a few weeks ago. A Vietnam vet got up to rail against U.S. policy on Iraq, which he said was engineered by "Paul Wolfowitz and Daniel Pearl." He got the wrong Pearl. He accidentally mentioned somebody who was beheaded for being American and Jewish. But the crowd didn't seem to notice. They roared with approval and slapped him on the back as he made his way from microphone. Why didn't he say Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Powell were organizing the Bush administration policy? They're higher ranking officials than Wolfowitz and actually members of the administration, unlike Perle. Would the crowd have roared as wildly if he'd mentioned Rice and Powell, I wondered, or did the words Wolfowitz and Perle somehow get their juices flowing?

As I look at this op-ed, I cannot help but thinking that the American Left is committing suicide by adopting anti-Semitism as its organizing principle. The American multi-cultural left on campuses, the media, and in most secular non-government organizations view Israel as another South Africa because of its treatment of Palestinians. This left them highly vulnerable to being infected by the anti-Semitic hate campaigns of Arab regimes. And infected they most certainly are.

Any time I see left/liberal Democratic operative/supporter ranting in print against the "neo-conservative influence" on the Bush Administration, I now mark the author as a closet anti-Semite.

The Right and the Republican Party has had its own problems with anti-Semitism, but its public "excommunication" of Patrick Buchanan over the issue is making this polarization/popularization of anti-Semitism a future partisan political issue.

One thing I am certain of is that the "Jacksonians" in the American public are starting to view anti-Semitism as a trait of the enemies of America. And anyone who is pro-Palestinian is an ally of the Islamic death cult. Americans have taken mortal offense to children suicide/homicide bombers and I have seen a number of polls that show a higher percentage of Americans against an independent Palestinian state than in Israel!

The only question I have is whether this "leftist flame out" will stain the Democratic Party as a whole with it as it goes down. I think the Sharpton-Lieberman exchanges in the 2004 Democratic Presidential primaries will do much to shape this outcome.

The Democrats are going to have to visibly cast out anti-Semites in their party caucus at the 2004 national convention to be creditable on the subject. And they won't. I just don't see them ejecting the majority of the Black Caucus and the Campus Left.

This rising tide of "Respectable from the Left" anti-Semitism is making the Republican choice of New York City look for their 2004 convention more and more inspired. Republicans could easily pick up the NY City Jewish vote over a Democratic flinch on anti-Semitism. This will give them NY state and doom Democratic Presidential hopefuls for a generation as there is no Presidential electoral combination possible for them without N.Y. state. [more]