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February 16, 2003

Amnesty Disappointed with Belgian Court's Ruling on Sharon's Trial

If it were up to Amnesty they would yank Sharon out of his bathroom and send him to the gallows. What turds.
LONDON - Amnesty International expressed disappointment Thursday at a Belgian court ruling that said Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon cannot face trial for war crimes until he leaves office.

Belgium has taken a lead role in the fight against impunity to ensure an effective system of international justice, said Amnestys[sic] assistant legal advisor, Jonathan ODonohue.

On the other hand we regret that the court held that immunity exists for heads of state, he told AFP, saying that Amnesty had found no such justification in international law to cover the most serious crimes.

Belgiums[sic] Cour de cassation ruled Wednesday that Israels Prime Minister Sharon could be tried for war crimes under the countrys universal competence law, but only after he leaves office.[more]