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February 04, 2003

Alarming news in the Jerusalem Post: Israeli intelligence: Iran encouraging mega-attacks against Israel
Israeli security forces are concerned about the rising threat of terrorist mega-attacks in Israel.

The main suspicion as to the source of such attacks falls on Iran, reports Channel 1.

Iran is pushing for, encouraging and even initiating mega-attack-type plans against Israel amongst the terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

These mega-attacks would lead to hundreds, even thousands of fatalities in Israel.

According to Channel One, over the past few weeks Israeli intelligence officials have been receiving "very alarming information" about Iran's encouragement, fund-raising and recruitment efforts amongst terror groups in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

According to intelligence officials, most of Iran's efforts are being channeled by Iran's two proxies in the region: Hizbullah and the Islamic Jihad.

Their main aim is to carry out mega-attacks such as huge car bombs, destruction of buildings, attacks on passenger aircraft, and even high-profile assassinations.

Iran hopes to shock the Israeli public at a sensitive time (war with Iraq) and will bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict back to center stage, which the Iranians believe has been pushed to the back burner by the crisis over Iraq.