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February 20, 2003

Activist Addresses Palestinian Condition

Here is what Edward Said had to say at Berkeley. You can see that he really believes that Saddam is doing merely what Israel has done right along--gassing people, invading countries, paying money out for suicide bombers, etc. Ah, enough Said

Edward Said, a leading Palestinian intellectual and activist, spoke about the ongoing violation of Palestinian human rights to an overflowing crowd at UC Berkeley last night.

Greeted with a standing ovation, Said told audience members in Zellerbach Auditorium that Saddam Hussein's human rights abuses have "been the stock and trade of every Israeli government since 1948."

The event was sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Chancellor's Middle East Fund.

In an analysis of human rights and the Palestinian experience, Said argued that Israel has attempted to wipe out any trace of Palestinian existence. [more]
And he also had this to say:
The only really plausible solution for Israel and Palestine is for Israelis and Palestinians to join together in one country -- dedicated to justice, equality and human rights for all, he said.
after noting that the US wants war really for Iraq's oil. But then Said, a teacher of literature, is listed in the headline as an "expert" rather than another propagandist who is oddly possessed if he truly believes there will be one state with a huge and growing body of Palestinians, in addition to those who would flood into this new state from Lebanon, Jordan, the camps, etc--if only to takeovber what was voted as a homeland for Jews. [more]