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January 29, 2003

York University Pipes Protest Signs and Slogans

Pipes' speech itself was uneventful, albeit fairly interesting and insightful. Basically he focused on his tried and true thesis that nothing can move forward with Middle East peace until Arab Rejectionism of Israel is decisively removed from the culture.

However, the pre-speech protest was truly entertaining. Below are some of the better ones:

·"We Have Rights. Down With Pipes" (alternated with "Indict Pipes")

·"Nobody has a monopoly on the truth"
(except for maybe those who tell it)

·End Policing of our Schools, Cities and World.
(ahhh....blessed anarchy...G-d Bless these Democracy loving Canadians)

·Pot Smokers United Against Pipes
(too easy...make up your own)

· "We are here in the name of academic freedom. We don't like what Pipes has to say and it's our right to try and stop him from speaking."

One set of Posters had three big words on it "Racism, Hatred, Oppression" - insinuating that this is what Pipes stands for. It seemed kind of contradictory when these people were in effect preaching all of these things.

There were also at least seven different anti-Pipes flyers and posters EVERYWHERE in every building of the whole university. Kind of not so environmentally friendly.
Most seemed to conveniently ignore the distinction between Islamism (militant fundamentalist Islam) and the religion of Islam.

The absurd scene of these "Peace Protesters" hovering around this little helpless frum girl yelling at her and her "racist kind" was definitely a scene out of a bad movie that in the words of Baby Bush "I have no interest in watching again".

In my humble opinion, Academic Freedom is not the right to lie. If you have not lied then you should have no problem being held accountable for what you have said, written or taught. Alternatively, sometimes the truth hurts and will make some feel uncomfortable. Truth has indeed been the greatest casusalty of the "Academic Intifada".

Also, just a question - Does every campus have a Keffiyeh-clad guy (this new fancy kind with the Palestinian flag embedded in the fringes - pretty sweet!) in a wheelchair spewing anti-Israel propaganda through a megaphone, or just this one?