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January 08, 2003

Why libs will never have a Rush Limbaugh

This is a great piece of writing by Marianne M. Jennings. Here's a taste
Conservatives offer a marketplace of ideas. Listeners and viewers tune in to debate, not grouse. Vouchers got their legs in conservative media and will not die because these outlets keep the data flowing. Welfare reform founds its roots here. These ideas, ultimately embraced by Clinton himself, work! It's substance, not form.

By contrast, Donahue recently had Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins on to discuss the war in Iraq. If you're looking for substance, Sarandon, Robbins and Donahue are dead men walking.

Liberals will never have their Rush Limbaugh. Liberals lack solutions, not media outlets for their tired musings. It ain't the messenger, stupid; it's the message.

Ted Belman