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January 28, 2003

Why exactly haven't we seen this brought up anywhere?

Back in 1997 the Jerusalem post reported that it had evidence Saddam was hiding WMD documents and materials in the PA Embassy in Baghdad. Exactly when will Blix's team be allowed to look in the PA, Saudi, Syrian Embassies?
The PA embassy is situated in Arafat's private residence in Baghdad, a heavily guarded palatial structure well inside a compound.

"The material is in Yasser Arafat's house," the Iraqi exile said. "It's a fact."

One of the Iraqi opposition groups' American sympathizers, who worked with them in London from 1991 to 1994 and recently resumed activity on their behalf in Washington, said the hidden documents refer to Iraq's chemical weapons, VX nerve gas, "and possibly nuclear arms."

Speaking for the Iraqi opposition, the source said, "we have had agents at the site who could see that the embassy building is used to hide documents."

He said the nerve gas is stored in a solid state, "like salt," and probably is deposited in the Iraqi desert.

I posted this back on November 3rd