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January 23, 2003

Who's kidding whom

Which is the bigger fantasy; the Arabs accepting Israel in any borders or Israel keeping the territories and transfering the Arabs. Which has the greater chance of being realized.

Boris Shusteff of the Freeman Centre examines the issues. Here's are some tid bits.
It appears that Sharon´s constant refrain that "the President´s [Bush] peace plan is a reasonable, realistic and feasible one" has become so engraved in people´s minds that they have lost the ability to think critically. They are apparently unable to notice that Sharon´s approach can never lead to a decisive victory. To the contrary, by following along the road of self-destruction towards a "Palestinian state" in Yesha, Israel will continue counting dead and wounded citizens and will never know a day of respite.

In a statement to the Egyptian daily al-Akhbar Mousa affirmed that, ".....Arabs would not sign any final peace with Israel prior to the liberation of every inch of the occupied land."

We are talking about irreconcilable ideologies. The Arabs are not going to change their position. They have proven this by stubbornly sticking to it for over thirty-six years.

Mohammad Haikal explained the fruitlessness of these sorts of Israeli "peace moves" in an editorial in al-Ahram as early as February 25, 1971, when he candidly wrote that, "There are only two well-defined goals on the Arab scene: erasing the traces of the 1967 aggression, by Israel´s withdrawal from all areas occupied by it in that year, and erasing the aggression of 1948, by Israel´s total and absolute annihilation. This is not really a well defined goal, but an oversimplified one; and the mistake of some of us is starting off with the last step before beginning the first." (This is known as victory in stages.)

It should be obvious to any student of elementary logic that by voluntarily embarking on the "first step," (following Mitzna/Beilin/Sarid) Israel will make it much easier for the Arabs to take the "last step." MORE