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January 02, 2003

When Bush comes to Shove

The big questions for 2003

Will Hussein fight to the death or take a walk. I prefer the former.

Will Hussein use WMD? Samson brought the house down, why wouldn’t Hussein?

Will Bush back the New Road Map or his vision speech of June 25. My money is on the latter.

What is Sharon up to? I don’t believe that the painful concessions he speaks of come anywhere near the concessions offered by Barak.

Will Israel destroy Hezbolahstan otherwise known as Southern Lebanon when the Iraq war begins. I am counting on it. Just as Bush Sr. should have finished the job in ’91, this Bush will not stop before finishing the job. This includes allowing Israel to destroy Hezbollah, neutering Syria and working for regime change in Iran.

Will the US bring Saudi Arabia to heel? This includes causing them to end the incitement, end the financial support for terrorism, end the financial support for Wahabism. The Saudis are due for a reckoning.

What will China, S. Korea, Russia and Japan do about N. Korea. It is up to them. The US will only help.