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January 27, 2003

What is enough, and when is that?

Are the tens of thousands of murdered Kurds and the thousands alive and mutilated not enough?

Are the 1.5 million dead civilians not enough?

Are the thousands of tons of chemical weapons that are slowly making their way to europe as far north as england not enough?

Is having a governmental official whose duty is to rape women not enough?

Is breaking a signed surrender treaty not enough?

Is not disarming after 10 years not enough?

Is ignoring over 12 UN security resolutions not enough?

Is being a genocidal dicator not enough?

Is being a ruthless despot and oppressing millions of people not enough?

Pray tell what is enough of a reason to go to war against Iraq?

Maybe if Iraq set up roadblocks that "humiliated" people Europe would understand?

If Iraq released tons of botchulism or the plague in central europe would that be enough?

What is enough, when is it enough?

Saddam Hussein: crimes and human rights abuses

The Iraqi people do NOT thank the western anti-liberation supporters like saddam does