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January 06, 2003

The West must get ready to rumble.

The Really Big Picture

One cannot begin to address the question of borders separating Israel from the state in waiting or for that matter whether the creation of a second Palestinian state is a good or workable idea, without first deciding whether such a state will be used as a stepping stone to the destruction of Israel. Slowly but surely the word is getting out that that is what this conflict is all about. No solution is a solution unless it is crafted to effectively ensure Israel’s survival.

Unfortunately the US has not yet come to grips with this issue. Other goals seem to have got in the way such as getting the SC support for an invasion of Iraq, or keeping the Arabs in a coalition of countries opposing Iraq or Al-Queda terrorism, or showing the World that the US is even handed or is not fighting Islam etc.

In serving these ends, the security of the state of Israel is being sacrificed. Israel is being asked to commit suicide by travelling down The Road Map. They should refuse to have anything to do with it. So should the US.

But the survival of Israel is not the really big picture. The survival of the West is. And The West regardless of whether they like Israel or not, must decide whether sacrificing Israel will hasten its own destruction. Israel’s retreat from Lebanon may have solved a small problem, the threat to the lives of its soldiers, but it led to bigger problems, the treat to the existence of Israel.

There is a war being waged by Islam to conquer the West whether the West is willing to recognize it or not. This is made patently clear in a series of excerpts adapted by Robert Locke from Dr. Serge Trifkovic’s new book The Sword of the Prophet: A Politically- incorrect Guide to Islam.
According to the official publication produced twenty years ago, the Islamic Movement is,
“an organized struggle to change the existing society into an Islamic society based on the Koran and the Sunna and make Islam, which is a code for entire life, supreme and dominant, especially in the socio-political spheres… the ultimate objective of the Islamic movement shall not be realized unless the struggle is made by locals. For it is only they who have the power to change the society into an Islamic society.”
Since then, jihad has never had it so good. The Moslem population of the world has been exploding, not only in Asia and Africa but also in Europe and the United States. Unlike the Western democracies, China, Japan and India, all of which try to control the birth rate in order to raise living standards, most Muslim countries regard demography as a political weapon. They will gladly export their surplus population to Europe and America, aware that the bigger the diaspora, the greater the political influence it will exert, and the more concessions the Islamic world will be able to extort from the West.

Maintaining the loyalty of the dispersed Muslim diaspora has been a top priority. For that reason, Islamic religious instruction in the newly-planted Muslim communities on both sides of the Atlantic has been carried out by immigrant imams who have a clear agenda aimed at inculcating their Western-born wards with disdain and even hatred for their surroundings
That is the agenda. All events must be considered as furthering that agenda including the attempts to destroy Israel which is part of a broader attempt to get the US out of the Islamic world, the fostering of Wahabbism by the Saudis throughout the world, the constant incitement of their followers to hate and kill the Jews, Christians and infidels, and the demonization of Israel and America. Make no mistake; they are out to get us. And what is the West doing about it. Less than nothing. In fact they are abetting the enemy. Here is a case in point.
“UK mosques prey to terror” warned a recent headline in the London Times, and the article explained that this was partly due to the British Home Office routinely approving priority entry into the country to Muslim clerics from countries such as Pakistan who speak no English and don’t want to control extremists who took over their mosques. The British security services, like the government, have long been in a state of denial regarding the Islamist threat. There has been no serious effort to develop and enhance intelligence coverage and analysis capability; nor was the recruitment of Arabic speakers made a priority. Time and again the British courts have interpreted the criminal, asylum, and terrorism laws in the manner damaging to the security of the Realm and favourable to the Islamic underground. British police have repeatedly ignored warnings that the recruiting agents for extremist groups prey on mosques, universities and community centres. There are now over three hundred after-hours schools run by militant groups all over Britain in which the children are indoctrinated, Taliban style.
Sound familiar. And more.
Our own legal framework stops us from dealing with extremist religion,” concludes a Pakistani-born British Anglican who grew up as a Muslim. Historically, Islam has never learned to live as a minority and cannot reconstruct itself in Western societies:

“My own feeling is that what will happen in the British society - I am waiting to see whether it will happen in the U.S. - is Muslim societies will emerge within Western countries where they will develop their own patterns of social sharia [Islamic law]. In Britain today, where Islam controls the inner cities, we have major social exclusion and the development of sharia. We have had churches burned, Christians attacked and a mission centre destroyed. The media has deliberately kept everything off the air.”

By allowing a vast and so far utterly unsupervised subculture of intrinsically hostile non-Western immigrants to emerge within their societies, the developed nations have permitted the emergence of an alternative social and political structure in their midst in which terrorists can operate virtually undetected. By seeking to appease it by granting it special privileges, the host countries only prompt laughter at our stupidity and demands for more. Examples abound.

“The Turks in Berlin constitute a social problem without a solution. There are entire sections of the city closed in on themselves that support a parallel and hostile culture, with no kind of symbiosis with the German culture. And the Magrebins have done the same thing in Marseilles [France]. The very opposite of integration, their objective is to organize society according to the Koran. Islam is a way of life that annuls any separation between the religious, civil and political reality.”
This situation is repeating itself all over Europe. In fact about one third of all babies born now in Europe are Moslem. This means that in two generations over half the population of Europe will be Moslem. The US will follow thereafter. At any rate the US is already beginning to lose its most natural ally, the EU, which is snuggling up to the Arabs rather then the US.

To win this battle of civilizations the US has to be more resolved at home and abroad. They must defeat Iraq and then proceed to undermine the Mullahs in Iran and then to let the air out of the Wahabbi tires. All influences of Wahabbism in the madrassahs and the mosques must be banned all over the world. The US must continue the fight against terrorism and those countries that support it. And finally they must support Israel in this fight and allow Israel to do what must be done to end the terror once and for all. They should not allow Israel to make another retreat, as they themselves should not retreat.

At home they should do whatever is necessary to avoid the fate of Europe; namely restrict Moslem immigration, make the Moslem societies conform to our values, foster the melting pot rather than the multicultural model and require the FBI to protect America from the threat of Islamisation. In a few word, identify Islam as the enemy and act accordingly.