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January 30, 2003

Washington Post Bias Watch.

Martin Kimel's blog has a nice concise exposure of media bias.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon won a decisive victory in Israel's election Tuesday, gaining an overwhelming endorsement for his harsh military crackdown on the Palestinian uprising and his tough response to terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, according to official results reported this morning (emphasis added).

Note that Post reporters John Ward Anderson and Molly Moore treat Sharon's "harsh military crackdown on the Palestinian uprising" separately from "his tough response to terrorist attacks." But, in fact, the tough military crackdown is his response to terrorist attacks against civilians. The way it's written, one could get the idea that Sharon was cracking down hard on peaceful Palestinians engaging in sit-ins. In the print edition, the jump headline of the story is also problematic. The headline, "Israeli Voters Endorse Sharon, Reject Parties That Push Peace," implies that Sharon and Likud oppose peace. They may have opposed the Oslo peace process, but that is not necessarily the same thing. To wit, the following paragraph from the same article:

"The parties that collapsed are the parties of Oslo -- those that supported concessions to the Palestinians," said Likud's hard-line minister for public security, Uzi Landau, referring to the 1993 Oslo peace agreement. "The national camp got a clear mandate. Peace and negotiations have to be based on uprooting terrorism. We will protect our security. That is the message."

Whether or not one agrees with Likud's approach to achieving peace, it's simply not accurate to suggest as a fact in a news story that Likud opposes peace.