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January 05, 2003

An update on the attacks, in the form of some excepts from the (anti-Israel biased? so they say) New York Times, with some comments of my own.
Israeli helicopters fired at least nine missiles at targets in Gaza City in an apparent military response to the first suicide attacks in Israel for six weeks. There were no early reports of casualties.
The Jersualem Post says it was a weapons factory. Fair game, I say.
A Palestinian militant group claimed responsibility for the Tel Aviv bombings, which the Palestinian Authority denounced as a ``terrorist'' attack.
Well that's good and nice for the PA. But they're not calling the shots, so it hardly matters.
It came three weeks before a general election at which security concerns will be paramount for many Israeli voters.
And Ariel Sharon just gained a few votes.
The Palestinian militant group Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction, claimed responsibility. It named the bombers as Boraq Abdel Rahman Halfa and Saber al-Nouri from Nablus and said they carried out the attack in retaliation for demolitions of homes.
Now this is something I never understood. Why are Palestinian homes valued higher than Israeli life? Why are the destruction of buildings "war crimes", while the slaughter of Israelis "martyrdom operations." Someone should inform the Palestinians that they are war crimes.
Poor foreign workers -- mainly east European, African, Thai and Chinese -- predominate in the targeted neighborhood. Police issued broadcast assurances to illegal immigrants saying they would not be arrested if they sought hospital treatment.
So they didn't even target just Israelis. Now the Chinese, Euorpean and Africans are "Zionist Opressors" too!
He [Erekat] accused Sharon's government of stepping up military operations to sabotage talks in Cairo between Palestinian militant factions on a possible cease-fire.
Talks which were a joke to begin with.