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January 23, 2003

Typical. Muslim cleric take moral highroad and then quickly uses platform to denounce the West, even the country he is living in, and warns of retribution from Muslims.Muslim Cleric Denounces Detective’s Murder

Here is a key extract:
...There are many people in the Muslim world who have been pressing for the imposing of sanctions against British products, just as American and Israeli products are boycotted. But the majority of scholars have so far refuted this, but if Britain goes to war with Iraq Britain would have to be boycotted too.”

The sheikh told the 100 or so gathered for the conference that he condemned extremists who claim to be Muslims.

But he criticised the police for their raid on the Finsbury Park mosque. He said: “This does not justify the police to desecrate the sanctity of the mosque, the house of God should not be stormed in this way.

“Have the police in Britain ever stormed into a church?”

The sheikh said extremist Muslims were being betrayed as the voice of Islam leading to a “demonisation” of the religion in Britain.

“We would never have known about Abu Hamza had it not been for the betrayal of his pictures and statements in the British press. They were treated as leaders by the authorities and that is deliberately to demonise Islam...