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January 05, 2003

The Traitors at Peace Now

I don't think that all peace activists in Israel are traitors. Some are truly naive, silly, or ignorant. But then there are those who want to tear down the Jewish State. Peace Now is a movement made up of such people. They don't just want peace, they want Israel to execute itself in pursuit of peace. Today was just another example in a long line of Peace Now anti-Israeli activity. They protested outside PM Sharon's residence because of the recent decision by the Knesset Central Election Committee to bar Arab MKs Tibi and Bishara from running for office, as well as Bishara's Barad party (the link above may require registration to Jerusalem Post website).

These Peace Now people are psycho to protest for this terrorist-loving duo. Bishara visited Syria last year and proclaimed support for the terrorist group Hizbollah -- in May 2000, after the IDF pulled out of Lebanon, he told a group of Arab Israelis that "Hizbollah has won, and for the first time … we have known the taste of victory." Bishara also told the terrorist group Hamas that he was using his Knesset seat "to further his struggle against the state of Israel." Tibi, who runs on the slate of the Hadash Party, has been connected to terrorist activity, and described Palestinian terrorism against Israeli soldiers in Jenin as "an act of noble heroism."

Yet Peace Now is out there protesting that Tibi and Bishara should not be put on trial for treason or banned from Knesset, and that furthermore, they should be allowed to sit in Knesset if elected by their Israeli Arab friends. Peace Now supports terrorists and terrorist supporters. Not only should Sharon and the Israeli government ban Bishara and Tibi from Knesset, they should expel them from Israel -- and tell them to take their friends at Peace Now with them.