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January 22, 2003

To be or not to be

Now or never? That is the question

David Warren

For what if Saddam's regime, with regional and internal help, does collapse before the U.S. and its handful of loyal allies invade? On the face of it, a much cheaper solution, in human lives.

But the longer-term effect on the "war against terrorism" would be disastrous, especially if it happens in such a way to prevent U.S. troops from formally occupying the country. I hesitate to write the following, but I'm afraid it is the plain truth. Someone has to say it, and it might as well be said crudely.

Andrew Sullivan

And they also know that by delaying the potential war until the autumn, they will help keep the U.S. economy depressed (investment being crippled by uncertainty) and help the growing appeasement movement gain more strength. By then, war will become an even greater political risk for London and Washington, which is, of course, part of the Europeans' plan. Schroder and Chirac want regime change - in Washington and London, not Baghdad. And they are using every ounce of their diplomatic influence to achieve that. You see? They can get off their butts now and again, if they need to. The time is surely coming, alas, when the U.S. and the U.K. will have to acknowledge that these European powers are now de facto allies of Saddam. Because they sure as hell aren't ours.

Steven Den Beste (USS Clueless)

They can take all the time they want, but in the mean time we've got a war to fight, and we're going to be getting to it in about a week and a half no matter what the UNSC does.

Fred Barnes-Weekly Standard

How did we get in this situation? Powell had much to do with it, persuading Bush that he should go to the United Nations before moving militarily against Iraq. In the Security Council, America got what was widely viewed as a major diplomatic victory last fall. The council voted unanimously to dispatch inspectors to Iraq for the first time since they were expelled in 1998. It may have been a Pyrrhic victory, now that Bush is stuck with inspectors in Iraq who don't want to leave. And he can't go to war to depose Saddam with them on the ground.

Frank Gaffney Jr.
There are worse things than an American-led war against Saddam Hussein's regime in the next few weeks. Chief among them would be a war that will have to be waged later, against either Saddam or a no-less-dangerous successor whom the world has foolishly allowed to pursue his tyrannical domestic policies, weapons programs and ambitions for regional domination.

David Limbaugh

While the useful idiots will continue to be idiotic, President Bush will soon lead a coalition of the willing into Iraq to disarm Saddam and dismantle his regime.