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January 22, 2003

This lady is incorrigible but is allowed to spout nonsense because of NPR's slanted presentations. CAMERA Column: NPR's Gradstein Falsely Labels Israel “Extremist”

[...]While journalistic ethics would require NPR to immediately correct Gradstein's gaffes, and even to reprimand the reporter, the network's predilection in such cases is instead to stall and stonewall.

Why can't NPR just tell the truth about Israel, instead of making things up? Why, when it comes to Israel, are fringe cranks routinely welcomed to NPR's tax-supported airwaves? Why can't NPR hire reporters who are free of any agenda and will cover Israel professionally and fairly? Whatever the answers, perhaps it's no surprise that so many former NPR admirers are refusing to support the network's corrosive anti-Israel bias and shoddy journalism.