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January 25, 2003

This Draft of the PA Constitution shall make those PEACE NOW people think, and those who still believe in RIGHT OF RETURN.....

...and they slipped this in: "Article 32

The right of the Palestinian refugee to return to his home and the original
home of his ancestors is a natural right which cannot expire. Its exercise
may not be delegated nor surrendered."
Chapter One:

Foundations of the State and Rights and Duties

Section One: General Foundations of the State

Article 1

This constitution is based on the will of the Arab Palestinian people. It
shall be approved democratically.

Article 2

The Arab Palestinian people believe in the principles of justice, liberty,
equality, human dignity, and their right to practice self-determination and
sovereignty over their land.

Article 3

The Palestinian people are a part of the Arab and Islamic nations.

Article 4

Palestine is an independent state with complete sovereignty that cannot be
conceded. Its system shall be republican and its lands are unitary and

Article 5

Arabic shall be the official language.

Article 6

Islam shall be the official religion of the state. The monotheistic
religions shall be respected.