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January 19, 2003

Ted's second thoughts on Diana's thoughts.

The situation

I am not sure what Diana is recommending as an alternative to hauling ass but here's the situation as I see it.

After weeks of negotiations in Cairo, there is no terror ceasefire or even a partial one. Hamas and Hezbollah are vowing to destroy Israel.

The New Road Map doesn't make the cessation of terror a sina quo non for progrees to create a Palestinian state. Does anyone think that the EU is at all concerned with the security of Israel or its potential demise. I think not.

Turkey and now Jordan are backing out of the war effort on Iraq. These withdrawals are major blows not only to the prospect of a lightning quick victory but also to preventing Iraqi missiles from hitting Israel with chemical or biological warheads. And they may even tip the scales against starting the war at all.

The Arabs are treatening a world wide attack on American and Israeli assets and even to use nuclear weapons in American cities.

America is virtually alone in wanting to make a stand against the Arab regimes.

It doesn't look good. In fact it looks very bleak. Let us assume that America declines to start a war.
This will be interpreted as a major defeat of America. Imagine the euphoria throughout the Arab world celebrating their victory. Everyone will know that America is impotant to do anything. Everyone will be able to challenge America with impunity. N. Korea is already doing it. Demands will increase for America to trim their sails everywhere. American loss of prestige and diplomatic power will be enormous.

The Arabs will no longer feel threatened by America and will be more difficult to handle, The EU will feel that they are in charge and that they have brought America to heel. The Left will celebrate as a victory on par with their victory on Vietnam. China will have greater license to act and move on Formosa..

Anti Americanism will increase rather than diminish.

The war against Israel will be stepped up to full scale war. What will be the prospects of peace? Nil. The Arabs won't compromise. Why should they. They just defeated America.

In the clash of civilizations, the Islamocists will redouble their efforts all over the world and America will continue its retreat. The first step in this retreat was the unwillingness of the US administration to name the Arabs and Islam as the enemy. It has been downhill all the way since then. The intention to defeat Iraq was the only sign that America meant to defend itself. If that goes, the jig is up and America will spring leaks all over the place without a shot being fired except by the terrorists. I see this to be a greater defeat than Vietnam.

How does Diana like that? Will she take pleasure in the fact that Iraq wasn't attacked or that America didn't support Israel in order to save its skin and her ass? Will she feel safer? Perhaps so, because after all America is the greatest threat to World peace according to the polls. Right?

Will she feel safer? Only for a while.

Ted Belman