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January 21, 2003

Take Their Guns Away!
(Women In Green) This past Shabbat another Jew was murdered by Arabs who received guns from Shimon Peres and the other Oslo criminals. This time it was Rabbi Natti Ozeri HY"D, father of 5 little children, who lived on "Hill number 26 " in Kiryat Arba.

Over the past two months, 19 Jews from the Hevron area alone, were murdered by Arabs using guns (as opposed to Jews being murdered by Arab suicide-bombers). When one tallies the Jews murdered by Arabs using guns throughout the country, one finds that one third of all Oslo victims have been murdered by Arabs using the Oslo-guns.

A high-ranking officer in the IDF recently revealed that a reserve division stationed in the Ramallah area during "Operation Defensive Shield", decided to gather weapons by going from house to house, and conducting thorough searches. Let's clarify that we are not talking about homes of wanted terrorists, we are talking about homes of the so--called " innocent peaceful Arab population". This officer said that in almost *every* Arab home they found guns. Those IDF reservists gathered, over a period of a few days, 1500 guns- which is more than what the entire IDF has gathered since the beginning of the Olso war.

According to the Shabak, at the outbreak of the Oslo war in September 2000, there were more than 40,000 guns held by Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, of which 12,000 were given to the terrorists officially as part of the Oslo agreements. The rest were smuggled in or stolen under the new conditions created and facilitated by the Oslo agreements. To date, the IDF, in all of its activities, has gathered less than 2500 weapons.

According to the journalist Hagai Hoberman, before Oslo, in August 1993, the then commander in charge of Judea and Samaria (not including Gaza), General Boogie Yaalon (now the Army Chief of Staff) conducted a major and successful campaign to gather all weapons from the Arab population. At the campaign's end, his intelligence concluded that Judea and Samaria were free of guns, except for not more than 25 weapons that were not located. All those efforts were put to nought a short time later, when the Insanity of Oslo was brought upon us by Peres, Beilin and their gang.

Whenever Israel demands from the Palestinian Authority to stop terror, one of the first demands on the list is that the Arabs gather all the guns and hand them over. Gathering the Arab guns is even part of the Likud platform - so now the question is: If gathering all those guns is a major part of fighting terror, why is Israel not doing anything about it?

Women in Green call upon the government of Israel to take away from the Arabs the guns that Shimon Peres and other Oslo criminals gave them, or enabled them to procure in such huge quantities.

We urge all of you in Israel and abroad to spread this message to all other email lists of friends and relatives and in addition to fax, email and call the Prime Minister and others with this same demand: "TAKE THEIR GUNS AWAY"!

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
tel 972-2-670-5555
fax 972-2-566-4838

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz
tel 972-3-697-5436
fax 972-3-697-6218

Minister of Public security (Police) Uzi Landau
tel 972-2-530-8500
fax 972-2-581-1832

President of Israel, Moshe Katzav
tel 972-2-670-7211
fax 972-2-567-1314