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January 31, 2003

Solana: Israeli poll ‘defeat for the peace camp’

It is always nice to hear from the EU on political doings in a democracy, while at the same time this prestigious organization continues to fund Palestinian terror groups, and when told about it, blithely ignores the matter and continues the funding.
The EU will stick to its Middle East peace plan whatever government emerges after Ariel Sharon's sweeping poll victory in Israeli, which marked a "defeat of the peace camp" there, foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Wednesday.

Solana stressed that Sharon bears a "tremendous responsibility" to try to resurrect the peace process in the region at a crucial time.

"What type of government will be established is very difficult to say at this point in time," Solana told reporters hours after hawkish Prime Minister Ariel Sharon swept back to power.

But the European Union official added: "From my point of view, the policy of the EU should continue.

"We have an aim, we have a goal that is not going to be changed because of the results of the elections," he said, reiterating the EU's backing for an international "road map" to create a Palestinian state by 2005.