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January 14, 2003

Root cause of CBC bias

Ted Belman writes to editor of Ottawa Sun

Dear Editor

The following quote from Doug Fisher's column makes the case for those who complain about CBC coverage.

"Support for Israel in Canada seems to have been slipping in the last few years as its military might, including nukes, and televised images from the intifada -- slingshots vs. tanks -- have undermined the notion Israel is simply a noble little nation surrounded by relentless, powerful enemies."

For Fisher to assume that Israel's military might and nukes somehow takes away from it being "a noble little nation surrounded by relentless, powerful enemies" is beyond me. It is because they are so surrounded that they must maintain their military and nukes. At least he acknowledges that the enemies are "powerful".

Secondly he also attributes this view of Israel to "televised images from the intifadah--slingshots vs. tanks--". These images are coming from the CBC.

If the CBC were to condemn terror and identify it as an atrocity or crime against humanity, which it is, then maybe Israel's image wouldn't be eroding.

If the CBC would present Arafat as a terrorist and stress that all the major Arab countries are aiding and abetting the use of terror against Israel then perhaps its viewers would see the conflict as Asper and Spector do.

If the CBC would stress that the Palestinians are in violation of their commitments in the Oslo Accords to refrain from violence and incitement and that they started the intifadah after turning down an offer for 97% of the territories, then perhaps people would have a different view of who is responsible for the violence.

And finally, if the CBC would present the view that the conflict is not about settlements or occupation but about the existence of Israel then Israel would gain understanding and more friends.

Fisher rhetorically asks "Why jump into bottomless antagonism?". He suggests that both Canada and the CBC should avoid this because we are a multicultural society. So that's what underlies CBC coverage and Canadian policies. Do not identify the Arabs as the aggressor and "militant acts" as terrorism because it would antagonize people who condone the attacks on Israel. It has nothing to do with right and wrong or morality but with the desire not to offend the Arabs or Muslims. But to offend Israel is okay.

Ted Belman