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January 19, 2003

Rest In Peace Netanel Ozeri

Netanel Ozeri

Jan 17, 2003 - Netanel Ozeri, 34, was killed when terrorists entered his home, in an outpost north of Kiryat Arba, just after the Friday night Shabbat meal and opened fire. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

At about 7:30 P.M. there was a knock on the door. Netanel Azouri, who was suspicious, cocked his pistol before opening the door. The two terrorists immediately opened fire, shooting him in the chest. Netanel friends, who had been invited for dinner, shot back at the terrorists, killing one of them. The second, who fled the scene wounded, was later killed by IDF forces. Azouri's 5-year-old daughter Herut and the two friends were wounded in the fire.

Netanel Ozeri, born in Jerusalem, was a student at Yeshivat Haraayon Hayehudi established by Rabbi Meir Kahane, and was a study partner of his son, Binyamin Kahane, killed in a terrorist attack in December 2000. Ozeri later went on to teach at the yeshiva in Jerusalem and in Kiryat Arba. A member of the Kach movement, he encouraged young people to establish settlement outposts in the territories. Several years ago he moved with his family from Kiryat Arba to Hill 26 nearby, where he engaged in organic farming.

Netanal Ozeri will be buried in the old Jewish cemetery in Hebron. He is survived by his wife Livnat and their five children: Navit, David, Herut, Yehonatan and Yehuda, the youngest, age one.