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January 21, 2003

The reasoning is simple: Israel was created by the UN so therefore the UN has precedent to create a settlement between Israel and the Arabs. Yes, but: there are some 21 Arab nations in the UN (voted against the creation of Israel) and they have been very anti-Israel, so how could they make a "just settlement"? More to the point, though: you can not force peace or a state upon someone. There must be an accord reached between contending parties. A mediator works only if both parties to the mediation are willing to accept the terms. UN Must Force a Solution on Israelis, Says Primakov

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia - Russia wants the international community to impose a settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. According to former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, Moscow now believes that with the peace process stalemated, the quartet — the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia — should work out a final solution with moderate Arab states which the UN would then impose on the Israelis and Palestinians.

Primakov, now president of Russias Chamber of Commerce & Industry but with a close ear to President Vladimir Putin, was speaking on the final day of the Jeddah Economic Forum.

The solution, he said, should be based on the plan worked out by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, deputy premier: Israel must unconditionally withdraw to its pre-1967 borders; a Palestinian state must be created; and Arab governments must recognize Israel.

It was no good waiting for the Israelis and Palestinians to resolve the issue themselves, the former premier told delegates to the forum. The world wants a settlement now, in particular, because the conflict feeds international terrorism.

I seem to recall that the Saudi plan calls first for Israel to withdraw and then the Saudis, ever so peaceful will--wow--reocgnize that Israel exists. As for Syrias demand of the Right of Return, Hamas, Hezbullah--well, that is not important because the Saudis will recognize Israel.