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January 06, 2003

Reactions to the latest bombings in Israel

It seems that the Palestinians have just about exhausted the sympathy of all but the most unredeemable pacifist terror apologists.

Spoons has the run-down.

Den Beste is advocating that they all be killed. No, seriously, the name of his html file for his post on this subject is Killemall.shtml. Here's a quote (Spoons, I'm sorry for plagiarizing your post, but this is too good to pass on):

[I]ncreasingly I'm finding myself feeling as if the world would be better off if someone went in and shot every damned one of them and piled the lot in an unmarked grave. After reading about yet another Palestinian atrocity, I find myself thinking, "Fuck it. Nuke Ramallah. Then nuke Nablus. And if that doesn't help, bulldoze Gaza. And once that's done, put all fifty surviving Palestinians on a freighter, tow it out to sea, and let them become someone else's problem."

UPDATE: Den Beste responds, saying that he does not advocate the killing of all Palestinians. I didn't mean to imply that he did, and a reading of his entire post shows that he doesn't. Since most people probably will not read his entire post (they tend to get rather lengthy), and since he obviously does not want people to get the impression that he's advocating mass murder, I felt that that point needs clarifying. I thought it was clearer that this excerpt was of over-blown rhetoric, meant to convey a state of feeling, not an actual policy recommendation. However, the excerpt is valid, and the name of his file remains Killemall.shtml. If he really wants to make sure no false interpretations are made, maybe he should consider changing that name. While my views are probably to the right of Den Beste's, although I am no-where near advocating mass killings, I would never so name a post, because it doesn't accurately represent my views, and also because of the erroneous impressions it may cause

Lileks is not too happy either.

Syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro, who I am now honored to have as a fellow IsraPundit contributor, continues to advocate transfer, but now he sounds moderate, comparatively.

And, of course, Spoons chimes in with his view:

I say kill 'em all. Now.

UPDATE II: Spoons updates his post with further elaborations. For all of you hot-heads out there, Spoons also does not advocate this as an actual policy measure, but rather he is simply conveying his extreme feelings in reaction to yesterday's disgusting mass murder of Israelis.

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