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January 17, 2003

Q and A

A news story in today’s [16 Jan 2003] Jerusalem Post, entitled US questions IDF closure of Palestinian universities quotes Richard Boucher as saying:

"We do believe the Palestinians have a right to live their lives in as normal conditions as possible. And I do think we'd have to question how the closure of the universities contributes to any of these goals."
To get the answer, Richard Boucher need not go further than the IDF site (courtesy of LGF), Page 1, Page 2, or Page 3, where he could learn, inter alia that
Last night, in a joint operation carried out by IDF ordnance units and companies from the 'Nahal' infantry brigade in Hebron, the entrances of three Palestinian colleges that openly encouraged terrorism were sealed closed. "The Palestinian Authority Education System incites terror and encourages murder," commented a high ranking Israeli security source, adding, "these three colleges endorsed terror and acts of vengeance as part of their curriculum". Before beginning to seal the doors of the colleges, the forces collected incitement materials found inside.
The Polytechnic University in Hebron

The students exploit the university environment and the tools it provides for planning and carrying out terrorist attacks. In addition, the students acquire their knowledge in the preparation of explosives and sabotage devices, both in classes and thanks to the resources available to them at the university
- On November 15, 2002, 12 Israelis were killed and over 20 others were injured in a terrorist ambush along the "Worshipers' Route" in Hebron, during which grenades were thrown and shots were fired at the security forces. The terrorists were students at the Polytechnic University in Hebron.
The three illustrated pages of the IDF site (links above) are well worth reading in full. That applies to Mr Boucher too.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.