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January 11, 2003

Pot Shots

When Britain embargoed military supplies to Israel they lost the right to ask anything of Israel. The irony is that they accused Israel of hurting the relationship

N. Korea is the strongest argument for destroying the ability of Iraq to do harm earlier rather than later. Once a country hostile to the US gets WMD and the means to deliver them, it is much more costly to take them on. Not only in terms of your own casualties but also in terms of the destruction they could visit upon your allies in the area, be they Israel, Japan or S. Korea.

The US sees value in going to war against Iraq in order to destabilize the region and the EU is against such a war preferring stability on the region.

The EU wants to make nice in order to protect itself from terror (fat chance) whereas the US wants to make war in order to protect itself from terror (fat chance ... at least in the short run).

The EU is the ally of the Arabs, specifically Iran and Iraq, whereas the US has labelled Iraq and Iran, members of the axis of evil.

Israel is "with us" (the US) whereas the EU, all the Arab countries, Pakistan and many other countries too numerous to mention are "against us".

Bush is an empty wind bag. We don't hear anymore about his declaration that" either your with us or your against us", nor do we hear about "those countries that harbour terrorists or support them suffering the same fate", nor do we hear about the necessity of the conditions precedent to the establishment of a Palestinian state as set out in the vision speech.

The CBC will not be able to maintain its bias against Israel (the pressure is building) just as Canada wasn't able to continue to whitewash Hezbollah because of their "good works".

Canada will increasingly be identified as pro- Palestinian and anti-Israel just like the EU (which they are) and will no longer be able to sell the damaged goods of even handedness.

9/11 is the beginning of the end of the Arab dictatorships heralding decades of change, whereas the US will remain the same except for being a little wiser and a little more resolved.

Ted Belman