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January 20, 2003

Photos of the "Peaceful" anti-war violence

It seems that the Chronicle just couldn't find the violent side of
the protest demonstrations.  Coverage and quotes that the Chron
reporters missed, courtesy of posters at Free Republic.

From an admirer:
''The question is: why has it taken this long to smash the f*** out of the INS building?  This building should be fucking smashed every day that they assist in disappearing people.  To hell with the INS! F*** la Migra!''

And, in reponse from Seattle:
''Y'all ROCK down there in the Bay Area!  We had a radical march here today, and it was pretty cool, and some folks then went out and broke windows at the Military recruiting station (i guess it might've been people from the march, but i don't really know), but we didn't do any of the GREAT shit y'all did down there. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! SMASH CAPITALISM!'

Can the irony get any thicker or the people more self-centered than in cozy suburbia?