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January 07, 2003

Petain’s heirs harass, John bull bullies

Two pieces, one next to the other, from the Jerusalem Post.

First to Petain’s heirs. The Jerusalem Post story reports:
The French consulates in Jerusalem and Haifa are refusing to recognize Jewish wedding ceremonies, including those performed in pre-1967 Israel, if the presiding rabbi happens to be a resident of Judea, Samaria, or the Gaza Strip, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

In one recent case, Martine D., a Frenchwoman who converted to Judaism and married an Israeli in a ceremony in Jerusalem, approached the French Consulate to apply for a livret de famille, an official document which records the status and details of one's family members.

Martine's request was turned down, she was told, because the rabbi who performed the ceremony lives in Gush Etzion.
Would you not think that a country in which synagogues are burnt and rabbis are stabbed would have better things on its mind than harass democratic Israel? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s the pettiness that is so appalling, Pierre!

As to John Bull, the blood of Sunday’s terror victims has not even dried and Britain is already bullying Israel about her decision not to allow a PA delegation to attend the conference that the Brits are plotting. Again, the Jerusalem Post:
Britain protests Israel's decision about London conference

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw expressed "great regret" about Israel's decision on Monday to prevent leading Palestinians from traveling to London for a British-sponsored conference on reforming the Palestinian Authority on January 24...
Straw seemed particularly displeased that he had not been told in advance of Israel's decision to prevent the Palestinians from traveling to London, noting that he had only learnt of the decision on a BBC news program...
He said the British government was seeking "further clarification," adding: "I very much hope the Israeli government will think again."
Together with all Israel's supporters, I hope that Israel stand up to the British bullies and sticks by the decision of the Israeli cabinet.

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