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January 21, 2003

Peace now is oblivious

Peace Now is nothing if not persistent. In today's Washington Post APN's CEO Debra DeLee argues that the United States should be "Aiding Israel In Ending the Settlements." In short, even at this time of great trials for the Jewish state, Peace Now wants Bush 43 to emulate his father and use loan guarantees that Israel might need right now as a club with which to force Israel to transfer Jews out of their homes into areas she approves of Jews living. (DeLee, is a very prominent activist in the Democratic Party and was one of the organizers of the 1996 Democratic convention in Philadelphia. Maybe the president should consider that before taking her suggestion.) In the mind of DeLee and people like Thomas Friedman, it's those damn settlements that prevent peace in the Middle East; not the Muslim hatred of Jews.
One of the outrages of Peace Now - in addition to suggesting that the President pressure Israel when Israel is in distress - is that it shows more sympathy to the PA than it does to the country whose security it says is so important. Go to the section on the APN website called Peace Links and you'll find a link to the PA's official propaganda outlet the WAFA "news" agency but not to the IDF website, which contains some of Israel's best hasbara.
Why am I going here?
Well the only current article that you can access right now at WAFA is "Address of President Arafat on the occasions of the National Day and the New Year" (There is an archive.) Well that address is Arafat's annual celebration of the PLO's first terror attack in the Israeli city of Beit She'an on January 1, 1965. That's 2 1/2 years before there was occupied territory!!! Arafat still believes that the issue is Israel in its 1948 borders; not its 1967 borders. Peace Now even provides a link to it. But the folks who run that organization simply ignore the obvious implications of Arafat's speech.
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