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January 04, 2003

PC. Good or bad

How does one reconcile offensive speech with freedom of speech. Should we not be able to make offensive remarks. There is no law against it but in Canada we have laws dealing with hate speech which comes into play when such speech incites violence like."kill the Jews". When Arabs call Jews "sons of pigs" and these remarks are printed in America without recrimation, why can't people in America make equally offensive remarks about Arabs. Can anyone enlighten me.

In an article by Art Moore in WND we are told about the tarring and feathering of columnist Cotterall.
Cotterell was suspended for one week without pay, beginning today, for writing to a Muslim: "Except for Jordan and Egypt, no Arab nation has a peace treaty with Israel. They've had 54 years to get over it. They choose not to. OK, they can squat around the camel-dung fire and grumble about it, or they can put their bottoms in the air five times a day and pray for deliverance; that's their business. … And I don't give a damn if Israel kills a few in collateral damage while defending itself. So be it."

What do you think? And this remark was not in his column but in an e-mail.

Miller, his editor said, those views "absolutely do not represent the views and sensitivities of this newspaper. Worse, they run counter to many of the values we hold dearest, among them tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness." and again expressed remorse to his readers and "members of the Islamic faith everywhere" for "the intemperate e-mail comments of political writer/columnist Bill Cotterell."

Get that, "in an e-mail".

To my mind it is natural and useful to stigmatize an enemy (think of the Japs and the Nazis) if only we would name them. Fat chance.

Please note that the remarks referred to Arabs and the apology referred to members of the Islamic faith. Very interesting.